Abak Time & Billing for Professionals

Abak is the most flexible time and billing system in the industry.

Features include:

Timesheets anywhere, anytime

It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC, an iPhone or an HTC. We’ve got you covered. Because it’s designed for companies who bill for their time, Abak makes it easy to log billable and non-billable time, contractor time, and even equipment time. All time is logged against a project and a client. Business managers then derive costing, invoicing and profit data for each project.

Intelligent Flexible Billing

Abak’s billing offers the level of flexibility required for today’s consulting and services companies. Bill fixed-price projects, bill by percentage completed on the project, bill straight time and materials…or a combination of all three! Because it’s based on the actual timesheets, expenses and contractor invoices that were entered in the system, Abak makes billing simple and accurate: No more forgetting to invoice items!

Financial Project Management

With Abak, project managers don’t have to wait until all the budget is spent to do something about it. Abak emails you when the project’s budget is at 75%, for example. This allows project managers and account managers to prevent unrecoverable overages in projects. At any time, Abak can tell you which projects are profitable and which are not.

Five metrics your business can’t live without

In the world of professional services, time is your product. There is no inventory, no production line, and no factory. It can be hard to know how well (or how poorly) you’re really doing. We propose five metrics that can help you measure your business performance.

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