Sage Timeslips 2014 is Now Available!

Sage Timeslips 2014

They didn’t just hear you. They listened.

In developing Sage Timeslips 2014, Sage added some new features, but just as importantly they also invested significant time and effort in tweaking existing capabilities. Why? Because they wanted this version to not only work better, but work better specifically for the ways you use it! With a streamlined workflow and easier time-tracking and billing capture, you’ll make your clients happy, ensure all your billable activities are accounted for, and keep a close eye on all your critical business metrics. 

Sage concentrated on several major improvements in Sage Timeslips 2014, not on a lengthy laundry list of “would be nice to have” features. In Sage Timeslips 2014 you can take advantage of:

Automatic TimeCapture—a new application that runs in the background and collects time spent on active windows without your personal interaction.

Sage Timeslips Accounting Link (TAL) Pro—a high-speed, two-way data transfer between Sage Timeslips and Sage 50 or QuickBooks.

Calendar Sync—the ability to synchronize the integrated calendar in Sage Timeslips with mobile devices.

Slip List and Slip Entry—an expanded capability to enter and view slips simultaneously in one dialog. 

Discover how the powerful features and enhancements built in to Sage Timeslips 2014 give you greater control of your time and billing processes. When you track all activities more accurately and efficiently, you will better represent the true value of your services to clients, which in turn translates into a higher potential for profit.

System requirements:

For a complete list of system requirements and guides for Sage Timeslips 2014, please click here.

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