Our services include software implementation, integration, training and management of your applications.


We are pleased to offer a full range of services to help you with every step of the process. Whether you require a quick and easy installation, a series of modifications tailored to your company’s requirements, or a consultation to determine exactly what you need, we have a staff of implementation and programming experts ready to help. Mazzullo, Inc. has a long-standing relationship with all of the software developers we represent. With the solid backing of the software manufacturer, we can offer you exceptional service with full confidence that we will more than meet your needs.

Solution Selection

We have an extensive knowledge of business accounting solutions, and will work with key employees in your business to obtain an understanding of your company’s budget, identify issues, requirements and operational goals, making sure you are able to make a qualified and informed decision.


We believe that implementation begins with the end result in mind. A successful implementation should include automation of streamlined processes and the ability to make more effective data driven decisions. We will assist in all the processes involved in getting your solution operating. We take responsibility for communicating with software vendors, installation, configuration, testing and optimizing your solution.

On-site and Remote Support

We are ready to assist you with on site or remote support. If you are local, we can easily schedule an appointment to come to your office and assist you. Remote assistance is available via a simple internet connection. Many business partners rarely do on site support visits. We believe that on site visits are far superior to remote assistance in most cases.


We strongly believe that an integrated system makes businesses more profitable, more competitive, and more efficient. It can also eliminate costs involved with storing and managing redundant data. From writing custom reports that eliminate the need for export to multiple Excel worksheets, to setting up syncing of applications, reducing the amount of data entry and the duplication of other business processes, we can make sure you meet your business needs.